Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Keep Warm with Carrier

Is your HVAC system ready for the cold season? Along with maintenance checks, we also recommend looking into installing a new thermostat, or having your current thermostat inspected. Older systems tend to have older thermostats and could be losing money and energy from that thermostat. At Premier Comfort, we want our customer to have a warm, care-free winter, and we have also learned that owning a programmable thermostat can decrease chances of malfunction. Whether you are installing a new system and want to look into a smart thermostats or have a perfectly good system with an old thermostat, Premier Comfort recommends upgrading to the most convenient, and also most effective thermostat that Carrier carries.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Year after year, technology gets smarter and more efficient. If your thermostat is non-programmable, you could be missing out on the savings that a smart thermostat brings. For example, your system is getting older which means the more efficiently it works, the longer it will last. A new programmable thermostat is efficient in many ways:

Smart Thermostat Efficiency

  • It saves your energy. Stop wasting power on your HVAC system when it could be running less with the same effect. It can harm your system to be overworked, so the less energy, the better! We want to extend your system’s life for as long as possible while keeping you happy.
  • It saves you money. Those power bills can get high when you run your heater during the coldest nights. If your thermostat is not allowing your system to work minimally, it can be costing you more money than it should! After you install a new thermostat, you will notice the savings every month. These savings will pay off the cost of thermostat and installation in no time!
  • It provides consistent temperatures to all areas of the house. Programmable thermostats do a much better job of holding the system to the temperature you want. No more fidgeting with the thermostat throughout the day because of a finnicky thermostat.
  • You can control it from anywhere. Forgot to change your thermostat when you left for vacation? Save the money and turn the system off from the airport! Your thermostat can be controlled from anywhere with WIFI/service on your mobile device. Maybe you are just too comfortable on the couch to turn on the heat—your phone can do it!
  • Most new thermostats have extra features to keep you comfortable. You can choose between new models of programmable thermostats to cater to your needs. Just call Premier Comfort to get more information on what features may benefit you and also your home.

Carrier Programmable Thermostats

Carrier provides a multitude of programmable thermostats for residential homes. We can order and also install whichever models our customers request at Premier Comfort. Here are a few luxury features and details on the models Carrier provides:

  • Ecobee Smart Thermostat Pro
    • Wi-Fi Compatible
    • Smart Home Compatible
    • Occupancy Sensor
    • Music Streaming
    • Voice Control
    • Apple Home Kit Compatible
    • Hands Free Calling
    • Provides monthly energy savings
    • Provides insight on energy consumption on your HVAC system performance
    • Tailors itself to your schedule
    • Personal Comfort Preferences
  • Infinity System Control
    • Compatible with Infinity Systems
    • Smart Home Sensor
    • Occupancy Sensor
    • Compatible with Amazon Alexa
    • Wi-Fi Compatible
    • Greenspeed technology
    • Hybrid Heat Technology
    • Manage humidity, airflow, ventilation, and air quality
    • Energy Tracking and Reporting
  • Smart Sensor for Infinity Zoning Systems
    • Compatible with Infinity Systems
    • High-quality zoning technology to give different areas of your home their desired temperature
    • Wi-Fi compatible/ Remote Access
    • Energy Saving Intelligence
    • HVAC scheduling
    • Indoor Humidity Readings

Choose Premier Comfort Your #1 Smart Thermostat Choice

If any of these thermostats and also their benefits stood out to you, it is time to call Premier Comfort! Our office staff and also our technicians are skilled at answering questions and scheduling appointments. We are happy to provide quotes over the phone on thermostat installation and provide our best recommendations. Our technicians are trained on easy, fast installations to get your thermostat up and working as soon as possible! We can’t wait to serve you!