Benefits of Thermostat Upgrades

Upgrade Your Thermostat

Are you tired of fidgeting with your old thermostat? Is the fluctuating weather making your house uncomfortable and also uneasy to control? You may be ready for a thermostat upgrade. At Premier Comfort Heating and Air, we promote and also encourage installing a programmable thermostat to make your life easier. You can have all of the power over your home’s temperature at your fingertips at all times. Premier Comfort offers Carrier Performance Edge Programmable Thermostats that save energy and also control humidity in the home.

Benefits of a Programmable Thermostat

Why is it worth the time and also the money if my old thermostat works? This new technology offers a variety of benefits that will save our customers time and also money.

  1. Energy Consumption: With a smart thermostat’s ability to turn the heat and cool on and off, you will save a significant amount of energy each month used by your HVAC system. The thermostat keeps your home at your desired temperature using the minimum amount of energy needed.
  2. Save Money: With lower energy consumption, you will save money on your monthly electric bills. The cost of installing a new thermostat is saving you money on utility bills which accounts for the cost of the thermostat.
  3. Efficiency: Your new programmable thermostat will help your new or old HVAC system run as efficiently as possible. Programming your system to run at a certain time and also a certain temperature ultimately prolongs your systems life. No one wants an AC unit that never shuts off and works overtime.
  4. Temperature consistency: Your home will never get too hot or cold with a programmed thermostat. It will be set at your desired temperature and also work with the changing weather. No more coming home to a hot or cold house; your thermostat will activate whatever is needed to keep your home at optimal temperature.
  5. Wi-Fi Remote Access: Too far from the thermostat and want to change it? All the power is in your hands with the Wi-Fi-enabled capability of our smart thermostats.

Upgrade Your Thermostat Today

If you are ready to make the change and save money in the meantime, call Premier Comfort today. Our technicians are equipped to help you choose the right product for your home and also for your convenience. Schedule an installation today at 678-635-5696. Premier Comfort Heating and Air is proud to serve you and also your family.