Heat Pumps

Reinvent your Heating System- Heat Pumps

Winter seems to sneak up on us every year. In the south, you never know whether it will be a nice, sunny holiday season, or one covered in snow! At Premier Comfort, we believe it’s better to be safe than sorry. In addition to ensuring your heating system is operating efficiently, keeping your home warm, and staying up to date on the newest technologies, it will provide a stress-free, comfortable environment for your family. Waking up to a broken heater and freezing outdoor temperatures brings discomfort and more time and money spent on repairs. Therefore, We have a solution for you—our heat pumps become more advanced with optimal comfort levels every single year.

Heat Pumps We Offer

As Carrier Factory Authorized Dealers, we service and install Carrier brand HVAC systems and heat pumps. We have worked with Carrier products for many years to know the value and efficiency their products add to a home. Below are a few heat pump options we often install for our customers.

  • Comfort Carrier Heat Pumps
    • Lowest price
    • Moderate energy savings
    • Quiet
    • Standard humidity control
  • Performance Carrier Heat Pumps
    • Moderate energy savings
    • Quiet
    • Enhanced humidity control
  • Infinity Carrier Heat Pumps
    • Premium energy savings
    • Quiet
    • Excellent humidity control
    • Most advanced line of heat pumps

Benefits of Heat Pumps

A common question is, “Is there a difference between a heat pump and an HVAC system?” Yes! A heat pump and an air conditioner are actually very different technologies and will fit in different homes and environments based on their performance and benefits. So, what are the benefits of heat pumps?

  • A heat pump saves space! Instead of needing a furnace and air conditioning system, the heat and cool aspects are through one system, the heat pump. Use that extra space for storage!
  • In moderate climates, a heat pump is much more energy efficient. As long as the temperatures aren’t usually in freezing numbers, a heat pump will use significantly less energy than a furnace.
  • A heat pump is run off electricity, not natural gas. This allows for energy conservation and cleaner energy usage throughout the house. This distinction between the two is one of the most important benefits that push many to invest in a heat pump instead.
  • Less repair costs are seen more commonly in heat pumps. New technology and optimally run electrical systems have shown less need for repair and part replacement. Investing in the heat pump will pay off in the money saved!
  • Heat pumps are significantly quieter than larger HVAC systems. Running of electricity contributes to this feature that can create a more welcoming environment in your home. No one likes the sound of a noisy furnace.
  • A heat pump both heats and cools. No need to worry about installing two pieces of equipment—a heat pump is a 2-in-1 deal!
  • Eliminate cold spots in your home. Ductless heat pumps can be installed anywhere to prevent cold spots throughout any size home.
  • One system means one maintenance contract. Having maintenance done yearly to your cooling and heating system is key for its longevity. Having a heat pump means only one system needs to be cleaned and looked at for each season, rather than the air conditioning and the furnace.
Trust Premier Comfort

We have seen those benefits come into play in so many of our customers’ lives. We know first-hand the importance of having a reliable heating system each winter season. If your current system is dying, it may be time to call. Premier Comfort technicians are skilled at assessing homes and current units to determine what will fit the space the best. We want every room to be properly circulating air through the winter and the summer. While we install the latest technology, our technicians ensure that every new owner of our advanced heat pumps understands how they operate, how to check them, and how to set desired settings and temperatures.

Year after year, we only hear positive feedback from those who decided to take the step and install a heat pump. Call us for more information, questions, to set up an appointment, or to get a free in-home quote. We can’t wait to serve you and your home!