Indoor Air Quality

How is your Indoor Air Quality?

Air quality is a term that may make you think of pollution, or the air outdoors, but have you ever considered the indoor air quality in your home? We breathe this air day in and day out, and poor air quality allows every breath to affect your lungs. Premier Comfort Heating and Air prioritizes our customers and their safety and comfortability in their own homes. As seasons change, it may be time to do an air quality test or change your filters to ensure fresh air.

Signs of Poor Indoor Air Quality

When we cannot see the dust, allergens, and particles floating through the air, we tend to be unaware of their presence and effects on our lives. However, there are a few tell-tale signs that can encourage you to check your filters and contact Premier Comfort Heating and Air.

  • Coughing- usually prolonged and worse when you are in your home
  • Sneezing or Congestion
  • Dust Accumulation
  • Worsening Allergies
  • Exacerbated Asthma
  • Chronic Headaches
  • Hot and Cold Rooms in the home
  • Circulating Odor

One or more of these symptoms that have been prolonged or chronic may be due to the poor circulation in your home. Old HVAC systems tend to lose the ability to circulate and filter air like they once did. Especially in this season, we want to eliminate bacteria, viruses, molds, dust, dirt and all the particles we may be breathing in. Allowing these allergens to roam freely only increases our risk of getting sick or facing physical consequences for not having access to cleaner air. A resolution may be as simple as changing out your air filters, or you may even need a new system.

How We Can Help

At Premier Comfort, we have multiple options when our customers are concerned about air quality. We may suggest an inspection and quote, or maybe fall maintenance might do the trick! However, for those with old systems and ductwork, you may want to consider duct cleaning. It is a unique procedure where our technician will clean out the duct system in your home that supplies every room with air. Here is how duct cleaning can benefit you:

  • Eliminate dust and particles that may be living in the ducts.
  • Kill any mold or bacteria that accumulated in the duct.
  • Unclog any duct that was preventing air from flowing and circulating to all parts of the house.
  • Reduce energy consumption and money on bills. Clogged ducts force your system to work harder and expend more energy.
  • Eliminate any physical symptoms you may be experiencing from the indoor air!

Many of our customers are delighted to be in a home with freshly cleaned ducts. It is a game-changer, even though you cannot see the change! You and your family will sleep and breathe easier after a routine duct cleaning by Premier Comfort. We use the BrushBeast, a high-tech powerful cleaning tool, to clean out the ducts. Our years of experience have allowed us to choose the best equipment and methods for our customers when providing our services. We have proven the Brushbeast’s efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to cleaning your home’s air.

Improving Your Home

If you are concerned or can relate, to any of the points above then it may be time to call Premier Comfort. We are eager to help you improve the indoor air quality of your home with an easy fix! Our professionally trained technicians are skilled in identifying the problem and its severity. We will offer you multiple options and advice on which may be best for you. We pride ourselves in our customer service and honesty as we take our customers’ opinions and needs very seriously. Call us today to schedule a quote, ask about filters, inquire about our air duct services, or even speak to a technician for their professional opinion. We cannot wait to get to know you and have you as a part of the Premier Comfort family!