Replacing HVAC Systems

Replacing HVAC Units

It is about the time of year that customers begin to realize the inefficiency of their outdated system. Replacing HVAC systems during the summertime can allow you to live a stress-free, cool summer in your home. The last thing you need is to come home from a long day of work, or even a day at the pool, to a hot house. Summertime heat is meant to be spent outside, not in the comfort of your home. At Premier Comfort, we recommend replacing HAVC systems that are showing signs of wear and over 10 years old. Older systems have outdated technology that cannot keep up like it used to. Premier Comfort Heating and Air prioritizes our customers’ comfort as we are trained on quoting and installing new systems for the residents of Loganville, Georgia.

Signs and Symptoms

How will you know when it is time to replace? There are many reasons it may be time for a new system, and we want our customers to be aware for them to be proactive with their HVAC systems.

You have had multiple service calls this year:

Your A/C unit should not need a repair every two or three months. If this has been occurring, it is likely due to the old system’s parts beginning to wear out. Especially in the summer, you can tell when a dying system is on its last leg, and it cannot keep up with the heat. Don’t continue to throw money at service calls but invest it into nicer, newer equipment instead.

Not all rooms are receiving equal air flow.

It isn’t normal for your home to have a “hot room”. If your system is not keeping your whole house at the same temperature, it may be mis-sized, or could be losing its ability to function optimally. Your ductwork also may be old, which can be inspected when a Premier Comfort technician visits for your in-home consultation.

Your unit is constantly running:

Just because it is hot does not mean the system should always be running. Constantly running means that it is working too hard to keep your house cool, which can lead to future problems and necessary repairs.

You have a freon leak:

If you keep paying for more freon, that means there is a leak somewhere. As time goes on, the leak will get too big. At this point, it is best to invest in a new system as leaks are difficult to find and treat. Freon is not cheap, so invest your money into nicer equipment instead.

There is excess dust in your home:

Old systems tend to lose their ability to filter the circulating air well. This may lead to more dust on your floors and furniture than usual. With health and safety as our first concern, Premier Comfort recommends getting your air quality tested. If it is due to the old system, we may recommend a replacement. Those with allergies will thank you!

You have experienced a natural disaster, or even a lightening strike. Unfortunately, no matter how nice of a system it is, not many can withstand intense physical force. If you have noticed changes in your system after a weather event occurred, call Premier Comfort for a technician’s professional advice on what happened to your system, and whether it is repairable.

Your system is so old you don’t even know when it was installed! This is not uncommon. Many new buyers or recent homeowners come across problems within the first few years and wonder if their system is older than they thought. Premier Comfort Heating and Air is happy to come inspect your unit and its age. Age is the biggest reason a unit will break, and as a homeowner it is important to know the history of your system. When a system is over ten years old and is consistently having problems, we will mostly likely recommend a new one instead of paying for multiple parts and repairs.

Scheduling a Quote

You may recognize one, or many of these signs and symptoms of an outdated system. At Premier Comfort, we are ready to help you take your next steps to a more comfortable, stress-free home. We provide free in-home estimates where we will give multiple options, brands, and prices for your home. With many years of experience, replacing HVAC systems has become our specialty. Our technicians understand the importance of size, quality, and price of an HVAC unit. We also understand that choosing to replace is a big step financially. We want to prioritize your top needs and wants when it comes to your system. Call us today to schedule a quote with one of our technicians, or even just to ask questions.