Taking Charge of Your HVAC System

Maintenance Plan For Your HVAC System

We all know the hassle of coming home after a long day at work, picking up your kids from school, or maybe even a day at the pool to find out your heat or air is not working. So many customers ask, “How can I prevent this?” At Premier Comfort, we know how annoying repair calls are, so we encourage our customers to look into our maintenance plans. Our maintenance plans, or *Comfort Clubs Service, remind our customers twice a year to schedule their maintenance before turning on their HVAC system to heat or cool. Don’t wait until your parents are coming into town to turn the heat on and realize there is an issue. Preventative maintenance is designed to bring peace of mind to the customer before each season.

Why Invest?

Your HVAC system is an expensive investment. From installing to repairing, many customers get frustrated with the financial investment they are forced to make. With low-priced maintenance plans and discounted rates for being a maintenance customer, you save money in many ways.

Investing in the maintenance plan guarantees you save money. Whether it’s a discounted rate on a future service call, or your power bill, *Comfort Club Service customers always see a great return on the money they put into maintenance plans.

  1. Since the service includes cleaning and checking the system, the efficiency of your system is maintained, or increased, allowing it to run better and for a lower cost. If you let your AC and heat run for years without getting it checked, your power bills will steadily increase over time. At our low cost, you are earning money off those power bill savings each month!
  2. Your system’s life is prolonged by implementing a maintenance check each year. Our technicians not only inspect and clean the system, but they check for potential issues that could arise, or old parts that may cause you problems. By dealing with the threat at the beginning of the season, you allow your system to operate at its optimal level. Allowing a system to run inefficiently can cause a cascade of negative consequences.
  3. The most exciting reason of all is the limited need for repairs. Service calls are never fun, especially at the peak season when we are swamped with no cool/heat calls. No one enjoys a broken system and dealing with them can be a nightmare! It is proven that maintaining the system drastically reduces the chances of it failing during the season. This saves you substantially on part prices, service fees, and the time you never seem to have.

Getting Ready for The Fall

Besides our recommendation for a maintenance visit, it is beneficial for the customer to routinely check specific parts of the system to detect any potential issues. Here are the four fall tips:

  1. Check your windows and doors for any leaks. Escaping air can cause your system to work harder which costs you more and requires more attention. Over time, we tend to see homes losing air due to old or cracked windows and doors, so be sure to check those a few times each year!
  2. Clean up the outside unit. With weather being a huge factor, outdoor units can get grimy. By keeping debris and dirt minimal, you lessen the chances of outdoor elements affecting the health of your system. However, leave it to the experts to get in the machine! Your health and safety come first.
  3. Change out old filters. Not all maintenance visits include filter changes, so be sure to be proactive before each season. Filters should be changed at least twice a year, and often even more than that. A clean filter provides fresh air for you and your family to breathe easy. Allergens and particles can irritate people within the home, so maintaining the indoor air quality is crucial!
  4. Schedule your maintenance check. All these tips are preventative measures that can be taken, but the maintenance check is what is really going to keep your system running strong.
Schedule Your Fall Maintenance

Since September is here, we have started scheduling our fall maintenance visits. Thankfully, it is time to turn off the AC and get ready to start up the heat. Don’t forget about your system until it is too late; Being a proactive homeowner can keep you stress-free all year long. Our technicians are professionally trained to clean and inspect all types of central AC systems and perform maintenances all year round. Let us help you keep your family warm this winter. Call us today to schedule a visit, ask any questions, and sign up for our maintenance plan.