Time for a New System with Flexible Financing Options

Premier Offers Flexible Financing Options

Chances are if you are in need of a new system, your first thought is, “Can I afford that right now?” It is no secret that HVAC systems are an investment that may not be financially accessible to everyone at every moment. That is why we provide flexible financing options to all of our customers looking for a new system. The last thing we want is our customers sitting in a hot home all summer long because they can’t pay for the whole system at once. Don’t wait to improve your family’s comfort; financing is the perfect solution to having a new unit installed today!

How do I Apply for Financing?

Premier Comfort Heating and Air makes the process simple. You can visit us online and find the financing tab to apply for either of the institutions we partner with. We provide different options to suit all customers’ needs and priorities.

  • Wells Fargo Financing: If you choose to apply with Wells Fargo, you will receive a Carrier credit card to make your monthly payments. Accessing your own account is simple and payments are all made online at the touch of a button! Paying with a separate credit card leaves your other credit lines accessible when you need them.
  • Microf Financing: If you choose to apply with Mircof financing, you can make hassle-free payments online and choose your preferred monthly plan.

Premier Comfort loves Financing!

Finances are never easy to talk about, but here at Premier Comfort Heating and Air, we know the investment you are making with a new HVAC system. We want to walk you through every step of the financing process for your new HVAC unit. There is no need to stress when you choose to finance with us. We can quote you a new system today! Don’t wait until your unit dies on you in the busiest HVAC season of the year. We are ready to take your call and schedule a visit!